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Monday, October 5, 2009

Julia Inspires me!

So, I was on the phone with my two Washington girls the other day and we were planning a get together, but we couldn't wait. We were saying how we wanted to see Julie and Julia but our husbands, at least mine, didn't relish the thought of sitting through another chick flick with me. ( We saw Love Happens but he actually lived through it and somewhat enjoyed it) So we decided if we left right now we could meet and make the show. Dumb I know. So I packed my toothbrush and jammies, and jumped in the car at about 2:30 for a girls night out 2 and a half hours down the road. I had a few delays along the way. So.... Later that day... at about 9:00, when I call to tell the girls I am just pulling in to town, I see red flashing lights behind me...nevermind why. So I say, um, I better go. Call ya later. 65 in a 60, whoever heard of that?
Anyway, I got there and we enjoyed Julie and Julia. We were the only ones in the theater, with stale popcorn but we laughed our heads off and it was some good girl time I tell you. So, long story short, Julia Child totally inspired me to cook something wonderful. I look around the place and decided to pick my rhubarb. Which is good because my wonderful husband usually tries to do away with my rhubarb plant about this time of year. If the Roundup doesn't get it the fire will. I think he likes rhubarb at least he says he does but he is always out to get my plant. Don't even ask how the last "burn day" went. I have told some of you about the harrowing experience. I had smoke inhilation and our bushes, right near the house are burned to a crisp. That is all I am going to say. Except that it made me consider if we have enough fire insurance to replace the house. That said. Here is my pie. It's not French, I know but it is goooooood ala mode' so there you have it. Bon Appe'tit


The Dilg Clan said...

WOW MOM! That pie looks DIVINE!! YUMMMM! Now I might have to go bake a pie. I don't have anything but that apple pie filling we canned...apple pie...sounds good:) It was TONS of fun doing the whole movie thing! Thanks for a fun time, and the great blog post!

Jessica Kay said...

looks great! and so fun you could get some girl time in with daughters.

Polaris said...

65 in a 60? Wow, you really listened when that judge told us both to slow down :)

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