Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buenas Dias Amigos!!

Guess where we went for

Spring Break?

White sand beach, turqoise water....

Waves to ride....

Beautiful Senioritas!

Mayan Ruins...

Bruce and I took Josh and Meg and ran away to Mexico for a few days of Meg's Spring break and a few days of Josh's. It was a great little get a way to relax and enjoy. This picture is at the Myan ruins at Chicken Pizza, I mean Chiche'n Itza' anyway we are standing near a sacred Cenote or natural well, thought to have been used for human sacrifice... we didn't stay long.

I wish I had time travel machine so I could spend a day amongst the Myans and know how they got a rubber ball through that stone ring on the side of the wall. Ancient basketball??? Seems impossible to me. Nix on the time machine, I'm no good at sports and if you lost the game you were treated to a beheading at the end of the game!!! Yep, that's a head the soldier guy is holding. I think I'll pass on playing that game.

Family Reunion 08

Family Reunion 08
Once again I made everybody pose for a picture! They'll thank me one day!

Spa Day!

Spa Day!
Eliza had gone too long without a pedicure, we had to fix that!

Grandma's feather bed

Grandma's feather bed
We had to make grandma stop jumping on the bed with the great grandkids!